The Road To Lean Muscle: Shoulders & Arms

Continuing my updated fitness routine, I bring to you today my shoulders and arms workout.

Usually after my shoulders and arms workout I like to do an ab circuit which will be discussed further in the post immediately following this one.  Stay tuned!

Keep in mind that the idea for this routine is high volume meaning a lot of reps and a lot of sets.  Let’s get into it:

  1. Shoulders/Biceps/Triceps Circuit: 14 sets of 10-12 reps per exercise.
    1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Bicep Curl/Lying Tricep Extension x 2
    2. Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Bicep Curl/Seated Leaning Tricep Extension x 2
    3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Bicep Curl/Dips x 2
    4. Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Bicep Curl/Tricep Extension x 2
    5. Ez-Bar Shoulder Press/Ez-Bar Bicep Curl/Tricep Extension x 2
    6. Ez-Bar Shoulder Press/Ez-Bar Bicep Curl/Tricep Extension x 2
    7. Ez-Bar Shoulder Press/Ez-Bar Bicep Curl/Tricep Extension x 2
  2. Rear Deltoid Press: 6 Sets of 12 Reps.
  3. Lateral Raise: 8 Sets of 10 Reps @ 15lbs.

Now, let’s discuss the workout.

The shoulder press and bicep curl remains consistent throughout the whole 14 sets because that’s the way I enjoy it.  In designing this workout I knew I wanted it to be dumbbell-heavy and the shoulder press and bicep curl are very enjoyable for me especially as I climb to higher weight.  At the 9th set I transition into the ez-bar because by then I’ve reached a comfortable yet challenging weight with the dumbbells that if I were to go any higher I would do more harm than good to my muscles.  What you’ll find is that doing bicep curls on the ez-bar feels comfortable as opposed to the straight bar which may tweak some people’s wrists like it does mine.

The triceps part of the 14 set circuit was tricky for me because originally I wanted to incorporate shrugs into the circuit.  However, I found more variety was needed.  The triceps exercises are entirely up to you to decide which works best.  The best way for me to get the most out of my triceps is variety.

The rear deltoid press can easily be substituted with a cable or dumbbell variant.  I choose to use the machine for this workout because I enjoy it more.

For the later raise, you may have noticed it’s the only exercise where the weight is pre-set.  Don’t go any heavier than 15lbs.  Why?  The muscle you’re targeting while doing this exercise is tiny in comparison to your entire shoulder.  You’ll get the most out of this exercise by going light but hitting a lot of reps.



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